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post global recordings
by Ludvig Cimbrelius
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I don't remember when or how these tracks were made, but I do remember a longing and a tiresome dance between hope and despair. I have always been searching for something true in music but never really finding it. Just sometimes catching a shadow or a small flicker of something beyond the actual sounds. My first memories in this life are of music, and I still remember the feeling clearly: it was as if there was a distant memory somewhere beyond the sounds, a different world, an infinite love,...
Topics: ambient, drone, soundscape, field recordings
Ambient New World
by Mixed by Michael Lanfield
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Ambient, meditation, chillout DJ mix. Mixed by Michael Lanfield of Ambient New World.
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Topics: ambient, chillout, dj, mix, michael, lanfield, world
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There is a town on the east side of big river. How far have that flow continued. Transcontinental railroad. Transcontinental road. The radiance of aurora in the winter night sky. This is the debut release of the band based in Khabarovsk, Russia. Four men band Aurora is expanding the post-rock sounds close in ambient music with dreamy & psychedelic feelings. Impressive gently twin guitar play is located in the heart of its lyrically soft sounds. So tight & delicate rhythm section is...
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Topics: Post Rock, PostRock, Post-Rock, Ambient, Experimental, Instrumental, Alternative, Rock, Russia,...
Ambient New World
by Andrew Lahiff (Mixed by Michael Lanfield)
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A continues mix of Andre Lahiff's music. Mixed by Michael Lanfield. Made by Ambient New World in Canada. 3 CDs. All free to download. For more music visit All music is ambient and space. Drift dream music. Airscapes Vol. 1 disc 1-3. enjoy. Email any comments, questions or suggestions to
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Topics: ambient, space, meditate, meditation, relax, free, music, relaxing